Attention solopreneurs...

Struggling to attract the right clients?

Stop wasting time on clients that aren't a good fit. Take my free Solopreneur Marketing Quiz to discover what's holding you back from finding the clients you actually want.
get the clients you want
Earn what you deserve
Do the work you love
the problem

Finding your ideal clients is a puzzle

Solopreneurs that struggle to find the right clients take on work that's not a good fit. Poorly matched clients become a burden, preventing you from working with the clients you actually want. The problem is, finding those clients can be...


With so many places and ways to do your marketing how do you know where to find the right clients?


When you have to guess at the best way to do your marketing you end up wasting time and losing money.


Without a reliable way to find the clients you want, you feel like you are leaving success to chance.

the solution

Attract the clients & projects you want

Solve the puzzle of marketing your expertise online, so you can connect with the right people, build profitable relationships, and do more of the work you love.

define your vision

Create a well-defined image of who you want to work with, the work you want to do, and the ultimate purpose of your solo business.


clarify your message

Discover the ancient power of narrative to craft a compelling story that explains your offering, engages clients & moves them to act.


Build a sales funnel

Create a customer journey that sparks interest in your target audience and turns them into clients who value your work.


share your value

Produce a communication blueprint that you can lean on to produce webinars, social media posts, videos & emails with impact.


fast-track results

Avoid costly mistakes and accelerate your success by applying 5 powerful marketing frameworks to your solo business.


enjoy more freedom

Experience personal, professional, and financial growth as you create freedom and autonomy in your life through your work.

Stop wasting time on clients that aren't a good fit...

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don't be held back

Your work is too important for marketing to get in your way

With my help, 100+ entrepreneurs have learnt how to market their expertise online and attract their ideal clients -- so they can enjoy doing the work they love for clients who care.

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"Fantastic service. James has transformed my business marketing strategy resulting in a massive increase in sales. He listens to your aims and goals and helps make them happen. Thank you."

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what to do next

Your 3-steps to solo success


get your solo score

Take the free Solopreneur Marketing Quiz to get your Solo Score (it only takes 5 minutes).


follow your plan

Receive a personalised plan that I will guide you through implementing to start attracting your ideal clients.


enjoy prosperity

Build a prosperous solo business by earning what you deserve whilst doing the work you love.

Solopreneur Marketing Coach
about me

"Let's be honest."

Remember when you took the leap and launched your solo business...

Was doing work you don't enjoy for clients who couldn't care less ever part of the plan?

Probably not.

But what choice is there when the clients you really want are nowhere to be seen, and
the bills still need paying?

Trudging on with your head in the sand isn't the answer.

I created Solo Prosperity to guide solopreneurs through the complexities of marketing their expertise online.

When solopreneurs connect with their ideal clients, they can earn what they deserve doing work they love.

That's solo prosperity and my mission is to help you find it.

james londesborough
marketer & solopreneur
choose your pathway


pathway 1

DIY Training

Access on-demand training courses.
Learn marketing tools & frameworks.
Implement them at your own pace.

per year

what's included:
Business Made Simple University
12-month unlimited membership
Monthly Q&A livestreams
Downloadable workbooks

pathway 2

One to One

Full-day 1-2-1 marketing workshop.
Quickly fix your online marketing.
Implement things live during the call.

per workshop

what's included:
Recorded 1-2-1 workshop via Zoom
Tailored around your marketing needs
6-hour total session time with breaks
Option to split over 2 half-days

pathway 3

One to One Coaching

Get a bespoke marketing strategy.
Benefit from regular feedback & support.
Unlock personal & financial growth.

from £245+VAT
per month

what's included:
Everything in Pathway 1, plus...
In-depth marketing review
Bespoke marketing strategy
60 min coaching calls via Zoom
Monthly, fortnightly or weekly calls

ready to learn more?

Schedule a 30-minute call or take my Solopreneur Marketing Quiz to learn more about how we can work together.


Work Less<Create More

Free articles, tools, resources, and ideas to help you start working less and creating more in your solo business.


Frequently Asked Questions

who do you work with?

From designers and developers to creators and consultants... I work with freelancers and solopreneurs of all shapes and sizes!

They are defined by operating their business on their own and working for a large or small portfolio of clients.

Will I see results straight away?

Through 1-2-1 coaching you will experience personal, professional and financial growth.

The frameworks you will learn are designed to create an immediate impact on your solo business, whilst also offering deeper, positive outcomes over the long-term.

Expect moments or intense clarity and realisation around topics you have wrestled with for a long time.

And of course, expect the inevitable challenges and obstacles you will encounter along your journey.

It is through overcoming these obstacles that you will unlock greater freedom, success, and fulfilment.

what is an enneagram assessment?

An iEQ9 Enneagram Type Assessment is offered as part of all 1-2-1 coaching plans.

The Enneagram is a model of human personality, and the assessment helps to identify your own Enneagram type, of which there are 9.

Unlike other personality profiling tools, the Enneagram does not attempt to 'define' you based on your behaviors.

Instead, it serves as a tool to better understand how and why you make decisions that lead to certain behaviours.

Exploring the Enneagram can reveal a path towards making better decisions and building stronger relationships both in your work and your life.

How much time does coaching take?

Your personalised coaching plan with take into account your time availability.

This can range from 1 x 60 minute call per month through to weekly 90 minute calls, typically held via Zoom and recorded so you can re-watch them.

There may also be self-study to undertake via the Business Made Simple University on-demand training platform prior to each coaching session.

Ultimately, your success will come from taking action and applying the tools and frameworks we explore together.

That is what 1-2-1 coaching promises... support, clarity, insight, and accountability to turn your ideas into reality.

What is 'business made simple'?

Business Made Simple University (BMSU) is an extensive on-demand training platform that takes the mystery out of growing your business.

Every coaching plan includes a license for 12-months of unlimited access to Business Made Simple University.

Inside BMSU you will have access to a collection of powerful frameworks to overcome specific challenges in your solo business.

As a Certified BMSU Coach, I am able to offer...

- Personalised development plans
- Support implementing the frameworks
- Accompanying guides and worksheets
- Coaching on StoryBrand Messaging
- Exclusive tools and assessments

can you help me launch my business?

One of the the most challenging stages of growing a solo enterprise is simply getting started.

The decision to make the switch from employment to self-employment is one full of emotion.

It is these emotions (fear, self-doubt, uncertainty) that hold most people back from ever fulfilling their ambition of becoming a solopreneur.

Through my coaching and Business Made Simple University you will...

- Create a plan to live a life full of purpose and meaning
- Define a vision for the business you want to build
- Produce guiding principles for achieving your vision
- Understand who your ideal clients really are
- Start turning your ideas into action and progress
- Move towards your goals on a daily basis