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Frequently Asked Questions

who do you work with?

Designers, creators, consultants, trainers, coaches... the list goes on. Solopreneurs come in all shapes and sizes!

They are defined by operating their business on their own or in a partnership.

They differ from freelancers who sell time for money, and entrepreneurs who build teams so they can ultimately step away from their businesses.

Solopreneurs build profitable enterprises that...

- Let them do the work they love
- Grow without having to employ people
- Create more freedom in their life
- Share their unique value with the world
- Fulfil a personal mission or vision

Will I see results straight away?

Through 1-2-1 coaching you will experience personal, professional and financial growth.

The frameworks you will learn are designed to create an immediate impact on your solo business, whilst also offering deeper, positive outcomes over the long-term.

Expect moments or intense clarity and realisation around topics you have wrestled with for a long time.

And of course, expect the inevitable challenges and obstacles you will encounter along your journey.

It is through overcoming these obstacles that you will unlock greater freedom, success, and fulfilment.

what is an enneagram assessment?

An iEQ9 Enneagram Type Assessment is offered as part of all 1-2-1 coaching plans.

The Enneagram is a model of human personality, and the assessment helps to identify your own Enneagram type, of which there are 9.

Unlike other personality profiling tools, the Enneagram does not attempt to 'define' you based on your behaviors.

Instead, it serves as a tool to better understand how and why you make decisions that lead to certain behaviours.

Exploring the Enneagram can reveal a path towards making better decisions and building stronger relationships both in your work and your life.

How much time does coaching take?

Your personalised coaching plan with take into account your time availability.

At a minimum, there will be 2 x 60 minute coaching calls held over Zoom each month.

There will also be self-study to undertake via the Business Made Simple University on-demand training platform prior to each coaching session.

Ultimately, your success will come from taking action and applying the tools frameworks you learn.

That is what 1-2-1 coaching promises... support, clarity, and accountability to turn your ideas into reality.

What is 'business made simple'?

Business Made Simple University (BMSU) is an extensive on-demand training platform that takes the mystery out of growing your business.

Every coaching plan includes a license for 12-months of unlimited access to Business Made Simple University.

Inside BMSU you will have access to a collection of powerful frameworks to overcome specific challenges in your solo business.

As a Certified BMSU Coach, I am able to offer...

- Personalised development plans
- Support implementing the frameworks
- Accompanying guides and worksheets
- Coaching on StoryBrand Messaging
- Exclusive tools and assessments

can you help me launch my business?

One of the the most challenging stages of growing a solo enterprise is simply getting started.

The decision to make the switch from employment to self-employment is one full of emotion.

It is these emotions (fear, self-doubt, uncertainty) that hold most people back from ever fulfilling their ambition of becoming a solopreneur.

Through my coaching and Business Made Simple University you will...

- Create a plan to live a life full of purpose and meaning
- Define a vision for the business you want to build
- Produce guiding principles for achieving your vision
- Understand who your ideal clients really are
- Start turning your ideas into action and progress
- Move towards your goals on a daily basis


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